U.S. 学校拥有合格的国际教师.


美国教 是一项文化交流计划,将国际教师和美国教师聚集在一起.S. 学校在一起. While 老师 find a chance for teaching and immerse themselves in the American lifestyle for up to 5 years, U.S. schools enjoy great benefits of diversified education with qualified international 老师 in the classrooms.



教师可以在美国学校全职工作.S. K-12学校的工资水平与美国相同.S. 教师最长可达5年.



通用电气 has a global network and a dedicated team to find the best international 老师 that bring cultural exchange to your classrooms.

  • 热爱世界杯足球买球工作,我们以极大的热情和正直去做.
  • have a great team and an excellent processing system for the best and fastest premium placement service.
  • pay attention to know our 老师 and host schools very closely for the best possible match.
  • 充分了解学校和老师的需求和期望.
  • 永远说实话,避免过度承诺.



J1是用于文化交流项目的签证. “教师”是14个类别中的一个 J-1交流访问者计划. 的 美国教 程序 allows qualified foreign nationals to teach full-time in accredited public and private U.S. 小学和中学(K12),最长3年. 在此之后,教师可能有资格获得12个月或24个月的项目延期. 获得J-1签证的人可以留在美国.S. 在他们的项目期间, 此外,他们可以提前30天到达,并在项目结束后30天离开.


  1. Meet the qualifications for teaching in primary or secondary schools in their country of nationality or last legal residence;
  2. 目前在其本国担任教师, or country of legal residence OR; İf not currently employed as a teacher, have within the past 12 months completed an advanced degree beyond the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree in either general education or in the specific academic subject field in which they intend to teach.
  3. 拥有相当于美国大学本科学历的学位.S. bachelor’s degree in either education or the academic subject field in which they intend to teach;
  4. Have a minimum of two years (24 months) of teaching experience at K-12 schools outside the USA.
  5. 满足美国标准.S. 他们将在其中教书的国家;
  6. 具备足够的英语能力.
  7. 有良好的信誉和品格;
  8. Be seeking to enter the United States for the purpose of full-time teaching as a teacher of record at a primary (including pre-kindergarten) or secondary accredited educational institution in the United States (pre-kindergarten 老师 must teach full-time, 在学前教育阶段, 可在认可的寄宿学校只教沉浸式语言)

No. 你可以向 美国教 只要你符合条件,就可以参加.

通用电气 does not charge 老师 a sponsorship (程序) fee or a placement fee to participate in our 程序. 然而, there are some direct costs associated with the visa application process that you will be responsible for. 也, 这取决于你个人项目参与的具体细节, 可能还会有其他费用.

项目(赞助)费用 $ 0,00 通用电气不会向你收取项目费用.
就业安置 $ 0,00 通用电气不会向你收取就业安置费
健康保险 $ 0,00 通用电气 provides 程序 participants with medical insurance coverage exceeding the minimum benefits required by the regulations.
SEVIS费用 $ 0,00 通用电气不会向您收取SEVIS费用.
第三方合作伙伴费用(代理) $ 0,00 通用电气代理不会向您收取服务费.
签证处理费 $ 160 支付给美国.S. 大使馆. 此费用适用于所有J-1和J-2签证申请人
收集文件. $ 250 – $ 525 You may incur some personal costs to your collection of documents necessary to prove eligibility for a J-1 visa including credential evaluations ($150-$275), 犯罪背景调查, 和翻译.
往返美国的机票.S. $ 500 – $ 1000 向当地旅行社询问最便宜的机票.
750美元/年 如果您希望您的家属在您的项目期间留在美国, 你需要向通用电气申请J-2家属签证服务. Includes assessment of all accompanying J-2 Dependent applications for an approval decision by 通用电气. An unlimited number of J-2 applications in association with the J1 exchange visitor is covered under this fee.

***在美国的任何J-2家属.S. 是否也需要有足够的健康保险.

As a 程序 regulation, all exchange visitor 老师 are paid on the same salary scale as U.S. 老师. 取决于教育, 教学经验, 位置, 学区的政策和要教的学校类型, 通用电气教师的平均年薪在38美元之间.000元及60元.000.

Please consider the following information as a tool to help you estimate monthly costs for a single J-1 Visa Holder while in the United States of America. 的se monthly expenses are approximate only and costs will probably increase based on your 位置, 生活方式和家庭规模. Living in a big city is generally more expensive than living in a smaller rural community.


Housing costs are based on the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s fair market rents, which represent rental costs (shelter rent plus utilities) at the 40th percentile in a given area for privately owned, 结构安全, 还有卫生的出租房屋,性质适中,设施齐全. 单间公寓用于一个成人家庭.
$621 $1000
食品价格是根据美国食品价格计算的.S. Department of Agriculture’s national “low-cost” food plan and adjusted to each area using multipliers from Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap data. 的 low-cost plan is the second-least-expensive of the four Official USDA Food Plans and assumes almost all food is bought at the grocery store and then prepared at home. 的 USDA food plans represent the amount families need to spend to achieve nutritionally adequate diets.
$259 $292
Transportation expenses are a combination of the costs of auto ownership, auto use, and transit use. 运输成本数据由邻里技术中心提供。. CNT created a modified version of transportation costs from its Housing and Transportation Affordability Index to account for differences in family types in the 家庭预算计算器.
$755 $893
保健费用包括保险费和自付费用, and assume families purchase the lowest cost bronze plans on the health insurance exchange established under the Affordable Care Act. 保费数据来自凯撒家庭基金会(Kaiser Family Foundation)和美国医疗机构.S. 卫生与公众服务部(HHS). 自付医疗费用是根据HHS的医疗支出小组调查计算的.
$290 $455
其他必需品包括服装, 个人护理, household supplies (which include items ranging from furnishings to cleaning supplies to phone service), 阅读材料, 还有学习用品. 的 costs for these items come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey, and use data reported for households in the second (from the bottom) fifth of households in the household income distribution.
$322 $469

家庭预算计算器 l provided by the Economic Policy Institute is a very useful tool for calculating living budgets in the U.S. 根据不同的情况,比如地点和家庭成员的数量.

通用电气 can sponsor 老师 in public schools in a variety of states across the United States. 如果你有工作机会, you can begin your application with an eligibility verification form that will help you determine if you are eligible and 通用电气 can place 老师 in the state where you want to teach. 如欲开始申请,请按以下任何“申请”按钮 http://premej.net/teach-usa/for-teachers/

通用电气 will assist you to arrange a temporary housing close to your host school until you are settled. 对于永久性住房,大多数教师更喜欢租房或合租. Teachers are responsible for housing costs for the duration of their time in the United States.


让我们用 在美国教书 程序.

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